Entry #34

So apparently I can piano. also sluts.

2011-04-07 03:09:07 by Spikrodd

I've been practicing better compositional skills lately through Smith Comma John and after a few nights of listening to some classical composers from modern to old school, for the lack of a better term; a full day rewriting a song by ear and then more listening, I got the guts to be like "hey, I can do that I bet I think."

For the most part, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

But when it came to piano, I did wonders. Rarely am I super proud of my own music to the point of listening to it non-stop, but Cloudy Day is just too good. What's. Better is that there's two versions in two keys, one in G major for a happier tone and one in C minor for a darker feel.

You can find both versions of Cloudy Day here: G major | C minor

[EDIT]: Because you people are more interested in poopers instead of pianos, here's a slut. SINGULAR slut. It's a recession, people!

So apparently I can piano. also sluts.


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2011-04-07 07:01:26

where's the slut part ?


2011-04-07 07:36:16

I really enjoyed both the minor and major version of this song. Had it playing in the background for a bit because it looped so well I didn't even notice. Great work!


2011-04-07 08:21:23

You remind me of this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLa8Br 569gA&t=1m29s


2011-04-07 12:17:52

If you come in here looking for sluts you can find them on my page instead.


2011-04-07 21:36:20

she may be a single slut but that looks like a photo copier. soon there will be many sluts. also, cool songs.


2011-05-24 16:54:03

You fucked her. Don't deny it.


2011-06-14 00:20:23

I loled. but no, the songs are nice and I added you to my fav artist list. I though I had already. hmmmmm global warming........


2012-01-14 03:02:23

maybe if I knew how to read I would understand the picture better what is wrong with me im idiot uhhh


2017-03-12 16:18:14

u big anime nerd